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New Songs!

White Orange and The Ro Sham Bo's both have the two songs from the upcoming 10" split online now for your listening pleasure. Vinyl will be done in maybe a month or less, with Ro Sham Bo's performing out soon after, maybe early september? Links to both bands are on the right hand side of this blog.



Brian Lee came to our pad to shoot for the up-coming cover of the Ro Sham Bo's/ White Orange 10' split. This image is one of the first to get back to us, and lets just say it's aawwssoommee!

MICR 001-coming soon!

All Hail Cardiel!

John is amazing!!
And fuck all of VBS' ads...

Thats eighty minutes of awesomeness...get some popcorn.

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Just plug us in to the matrix already.
Oh yeah, we are.


Gay Days

Consolidated Skateboards are rad...

Strange Days

It might be a good cookie recipe!?

Seems legit, Turkey gets all the good ones...


He's not all correct....

...but there are good questions asked.


Mind Field

(sorry no sound, probably copywrite issues. Just play some sabbath on itunes)